*ASANA World Series Information

Posted by Sandie Day on Feb 08 2011 at 04:00PM PST in 2019

The Gay World Series (GWS) Softball Tournament is presented by the Allied Sports Alliance of North America (ASANA) and held in a different host city each year. The ASANA GWS is the largest annual gay sporting event in the world! Aside from softball, there are other events such as a talent show, opening and closing ceremonies, pub-crawls and some. It’s a whole week of fun.  

The main advantage of declaring your team’s intent to seek a berth to the GWS by the given deadline is that it gives your team priority over any other teams who may finish well enough in League to win a berth, THEN decide “what the heck, let’s go to the GWS,” but had not previously planned on going or declared themselves to be berth-seeking. The purpose of this is to REWARD the teams that strive and plan ahead, and so that, whenever possible, they can book travel well enough in advance to do so at lower rates. We also want to see the limited number of berths that our League is allotted go to the teams who are truly the most excited about the opportunity. 

Available berths will be distributed evenly among all divisions when possible. In the event that the number of berths doesn’t match evenly with the number of divisions, and there are more berth-seeking teams than there are berths, then, after the first berths are awarded, any “odd” berth(s) will go to the contending, declared berth-seeking team(s) with the next-highest win percentage after playoffs. If still tied, then see the Section of the Code that outlines the other contingencies (playoff placement, run differential, etc.) Please contact the League Commissioner at with any questions or concerns.

To participate in the ASANA World Series a team must earn a berth from an eligble league. To be considered for a berth in the San Jose Women's Softball League, each interested team must submit a SJWSL Team Berth-Seeking Declaration during the spring season and a non-refundable $100 GWS entry fee prior to the date and time indicated in the league calendar.


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