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    Schedule for Spring 2023 is...

    You can find the schedule here in a live Google doc, that will be updated if last-minute changes happen:
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Spring 2023 Team Standings!

by Secretary SJWSL, 2023-04-09T13:40:36.000-07:00April 09 2023, at 01:40 PM PDT

Please note, due to our agreed upon ranking system, the rankings built-in to the site are not accurate.
The information in this post is the source of truth for team standings for all divisions.

Here are the team standings for this season, including all games.

C Division:
1 Sidewinders, 15 pts
2 Unladylike, 11 pts
3 Oddballers, 10 pts
4 Speedy Honu, 4 pts

D Division (ranked by points per qualifying game):
1 Llamas, 1.75 p/g, 87.5% win pctg, win head to head vs Flamingos
2 Flamingos, 1.75 p/g, 87.5% win pctg,
3 Badgers, 1.5 p/g
4 Sluggers, 0.66 p/g
5 Jesters, 0.44 p/g
6 TNT, 0 p/g

Note: Llamas and Flamingos are tied based on points per game, so we go to the tie breaker rules:

“In the event that competing teams are tied on points, then the following tie-breaking criteria will be utilized:
Highest win percentage
Head to head (best win/loss record in games between tied teams)
Least runs allowed overall
Coin toss.
NOTE: Spotted runs from SJWSL inter-division play will count as earned runs.”

Both teams have the same win percentage, 7 out of 8 games = 87.5%
Head to head, Llamas played Flamingos once in the season, with the Llamas winning, meaning Llamas are higher seeded.

Past Announcements

Schedule for Spring 2023 is here!

2023-03-19 04:01 PDT by Secretary SJWSL (0 Comments)

You can find the schedule here in a live Google doc, that will be updated if last-minute changes happen:
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wg2QFHYIFf037E6jnaQmK89NGIVwDzqNxH... [more]

SJWSL 2023 Team Registration

2012-02-29 04:00 PST (2019) by San Jose Women's Softball League (0 Comments)

League Practice Days 2023

2012-02-29 04:00 PST (2019) by Victoria Eakes (0 Comments)

We are happy to offer League Practice Days (a.k.a. Softball Camp, Play Days, and Skills Clinics) for any adults who are interested in practicing softball. No charge. Bring your own glove and cleats. Some So... [more]

On-Line Waiver for Returning Players (Player Waiver)

2012-02-29 04:00 PST (2019) by Secretary SJWSL (1 Comment)

Use this link if the page does not automatically load: https://forms.gle/284ouJfumo4x3SZG6

Team Manager Information

2012-02-29 04:00 PST (2019) by Sandie Day (0 Comments)

This section is to be used to provide Team Managers with useful information. If you have suggestions for content please email sjwslsecretary@gmail.com
To register a team: https://forms.gle/ikHNkhtpXSedcbGv7 Player ... [more]

Corporate Info

2011-03-07 04:00 PST (2019) by Victoria Eakes (0 Comments)

This league was incorporated in 2004 in the state of California as a public benefit, non-member, 501©4 Social Welfare organization #20-1857327.
It is a nonprofit but it is not a charity. Contributions are not tax deduct... [more]

How to Reach Us

2011-03-05 04:00 PST (2019) by Secretary SJWSL (0 Comments)

San Jose Women’s Softball League
Phone: (408) 800-2425 (leave a voicemail or send a text) Email: [more]

Volunteer Here: Registration

2011-02-09 04:00 PST (2019) by Secretary SJWSL (0 Comments)


*ASANA World Series Information

2011-02-08 04:00 PST (2019) by Sandie Day (0 Comments)

The Gay World Series (GWS) Softball Tournament is presented by the Allied Sports Alliance of North America (ASANA) and held in a different host city each... [more]

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