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League Practice Day Waiver

Posted by Secretary SJWSL at Feb 24, 2024 10:29PM PST

To attend one of our League-Wide Practice Days, you must fill out the following waiver:

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Team Registration!

Posted by Secretary SJWSL at Feb 24, 2024 1:59PM PST
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Summer 2023 Elections - Candidate Statements

Posted by Secretary SJWSL at Aug 14, 2023 10:21AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Sergeant at Arms (Parliamentarian)

Alicia A, Jesters – candidate:

I was pleasantly surprised and honored to have been nominated for the position of Sergeant of Arms by Liz Asborno. I was pleased to be nominated because I realized how much I care about the league. I have been part of the league for many years, playing for five different teams, which currently includes the Jesters. It is important to me that the league continues to be a diverse, positive and social community, an enjoyable softball experience for all, and an organization people want to be a part of.
During my early years playing in the league, I served as our team’s Board Representative. I have also served on the league fundraising committee that held several events, one including a league crab feed.I am currently a teacher and have experience with organizing, maintaining, and creating systems, conducting meetings,and effectively communicating. I was previously employed as an Executive Admin for a non-profit.
I would be both humbled and appreciative of your vote to serve as Sergeant of Arms for the San Jose Women’s Softball League.

Brandi T, Unladylike – candidate:

I started playing softball as a young child, playing travel ball, high school and collegiate level. Joined SJWSL around 2007 for approximately 5 years, playing with Unladylike before taking some time off to focus on raising my daughter. Rejoined the league as a Tipsy Unicorn and then an Oddballer just before the COVID pandemic, and have continued on with Unladylike since then.
I believe the experiences I’ve gained playing in both the C and D division over the years affords me the appropriate acumen and insight to be an effective Executive Board member for SJWSL, our players and community. Professionally – I have worked as a Paralegal for 14 years and have served as a PTA Fundraising Chair and Event Planner/Coordinator for 5 years. The experience of serving in a legal work environment and in a volunteer group, would allow me to carry out the essential functions of keeping order and business moving forward for SJWSL. And doing so with professional and direct candor is how I would approach the opportunity should you elect me for the role. Thank you for considering me!

Nik L, Bad A$$ Badgers, Board rep/mamanger for Badgers – candidate:

Who is Nik? I am me; outgoing, determined, competitive and straightforward to the point. I have played softball and other team sports since I was 5 or 6 years old. Like others, softball has been the driving force for me creating sportsmanship, encouragement and guidance to teammates.
I have been a part of SJWSL for 18 years as a player, a coach, team manager and on the board as Vice Commissioner of the D division. I volunteer for different events and support whenever possible. This sounds odd, but this league was there for me when I needed an outlet and has become my forever softball family.
I am running for the Sergeant in Arms position on the board so I can bring a non biased voice to the table, to help grow the league, support and challenge those who choose to push the boundaries.


Jen D, Llamas – Incumbent

I am your current league Treasurer running for re-election. I am the team manager for the Spitting Llamas. I joined SJWSL in 2010 during a major transitional time in my life. It was a lifesaver for me. I felt so welcomed by everyone in the league, and it led me to my now wife! In 2012 I became Treasurer, for what I thought would be a short duration of time. But here I am, still in the role. What I love most about my role – the people. I love being able to get to know players in our league; through league fundraisers, being ELOD, or at sign-up days – it’s the most rewarding part of being on the board.
Thinking about re-election, there are many reasons to remain on this board. The league is beginning to grow again, and I want to continue to do my part growing our league. Additionally, I feel like I have unfinished business. I am currently in the process of changing our league’s status to a full non-profit status. I am excited to continue to help our league grow not only with teams and players, but within our community once our new status is approved.

Note: Only players on C teams participate in the field vote for Vice Comm of C

Vice Commissioner of C Division

Cynthia S, Sidewinders – incumbent:

Starting at a young age, softball has been instrumental in my life, connecting me with life long friends turned family. Playing since 5, and with SJWSL since 2010, I have a strong understanding of the games fundamentals. I began playing in this league because I wanted somewhere safe to play with other women.
I’ve been Vice Commissioner of the C Division since 2017, with the goal of growing the league and C Division, to review our processes and rules, and to bring better connection between SJWSL and ASANA i feel I’ve done well, there is still work to be done. I was a driving force for SJWSL’s first tournament fundraiser in 20 years, turning a strong profit for the league and spreading league visibility.
Professionally, my background is in Human Resources. I believe in respectful, empathetic, professional decorum. I value differences of opinion, and believe it helps everyone grow. I’ve served as a volunteer in government, hospitality and social welfare, affording the experiences of working with diverse groups in a not for profit setting.
This league and the various events that we offer, bring us together as a family, through thick and thin. I want to continue fostering that environment.

Jess C, Tacos N’ Tequila, Board rep/manager for TNT – candidate:

I’ve been playing softball for 20 years and I’m proud to be a transgender ASANA athlete. I’ve participated in 3 ASANA World Series, and won the most recent World Series. I manage TNT, I assist with Nitro, and I regularly run practices for 15+ players from both teams. I’ve been a member of the SJWSL board for 5 years and I represented our league as the ASANA Delegate in DC last year. I’ve regularly volunteered for sign-up days and other events in this league since joining in 2017.
I believe that our executive board should consist of people who support the inclusivity of transgender players. If elected, I plan to ensure players of all identities feel welcome, including players of any sexual orientation or ethnicity who are currently or were formerly identified as female (trans men, non-binary, and all women). My passion for inclusivity is why I participate in so many of our league’s events, especially events geared towards outreach. I have received feedback from many trans and gender non conforming players that my presence at their sign up day is what made them feel welcome. I hope to have an even larger impact when elected to the executive board.