Spring 2024 Results - Up to 06/10

Posted by Secretary SJWSL on Apr 29 2024 at 06:01PM PDT

Here are the current rankings for Spring 2024, up to and including games of week 10 out of 11

Please note, due to the equalizers decided in the Spring 2024 manager’s meeting, inter-division play will not count towards team rankings for D1 and E divisions. This causes the rankings embedded within the site to not be accurate, so please use the rankings below as the source of truth.

Speedy Honu: 16 points
Most Hated: 14 p
Unladylike: 4 p
Sidewinders: 2 p

Bad A$$ Badgers: 1.888 points per qualifying game
Spitting Llamas: 0.75 ppqg
SJ Lady Bangerz: 0.66 ppqg
FBP Flamingos: 0.625 ppqg

Diamonds: 16 points
Hit ’Em Up: 14 p
TNT D: 10 p
Jesters: 6 p
Sluggers: 6 p

Tacos N Tequila: 1.2 ppqg
Nitro: 0.8 ppqg

nb: C and D2 are using the unaltered ranking system, which is an un-averaged total of points scored, which means rankings will favor teams that have played more games so far in the season; this will equalize at the completion of the season once all teams have played all 10 games.

Calculations of the above information can be found here:

To err is human. If you find any discrepancy, please let me know as soon as possible.