Spring 2024 Results - Up to 05/20

Posted by Secretary SJWSL on Apr 29 2024 at 06:01PM PDT

Here are the current rankings for Spring 2024, up to and including games of week 8

Please note, due to the equalizers decided in the Spring 2024 manager’s meeting, inter-division play will not count towards team rankings for D1 and E divisions. This causes the rankings embedded within the site to not be accurate, so please use the rankings below as the source of truth.

Speedy Honu: 12 points
Most Hated: 10 p
Unladylike: 4 p
Sidewinders: 2 p

Bad A$$ Badgers: 1.875 points per qualifying game
Spitting Llamas: 1.0 ppqg
SJ Lady Bangerz: 0.57 ppqg
FBP Flamingos: 0.43 ppqg

Hit ’Em Up: 12 points
Diamonds: 10 p
TNT D: 8 p
Jesters: 6 p
Sluggers: 4 p

Nitro: 1 ppqg
Tacos N Tequila: 1 ppqg

nb: C and D2 are using the unaltered ranking system, which is an un-averaged total of points scored, which means rankings will favor teams that have played more games so far in the season; this will equalize at the completion of the season once all teams have played all 10 games.

Calculations of the above information can be found here:

To err is human. If you find any discrepancy, please let me know as soon as possible.